Trade One Touch

With an irresistible payout percentage of up to 500%, who wouldn’t be interested to trade One Touch options? That’s right; you can get such huge profits from one of the newer trading types – the One Touch trade. There are lots of reasons that make One Touch trading exciting, and it offers many benefits you can take advantage of.

Why trade One Touch options?
One Touch trading quickly gained popularity among traders for a number of reasons. First, One Touch options offer enticing payout percentages ranging from 150% up to 500% for your in-the-money trades. And that’s definitely one of the highest returns in the industry.

Second, this trading type is mainly created to allow you to trade One Touch options on weekends or at other times when the markets are closed. Investors use One Touch trading to expand their present portfolios. Moreover, it allows traders to hedge their current positions that are not open for trading when the market is offline.

Finally, One Touch options are sold at a fixed price, which is not necessarily the same as the asset’s market price. Since One Touch options are all-or-nothing options, you can get a full payout when your trades end in-the-money.

How to trade One Touch options
It’s easy to trade options using the One Touch type. You just have to assume whether an asset would reach a set strike price by the expiration time. If you make an accurate assumption, then your trade will end in-the-money and earn a certain payoff usually ranging from 150% up to 500%.

To demonstrate, let’s say you choose to trade the USD/JPY asset, which is currently at a price value of 1.35130. You think that it would reach the price of 1.38130 at the end of the following week, so you buy a “call” option. If you make a correct assumption, and it does rise to touch 1.38130 by the end of the week, then you can get a high profit.