Trade 60 Seconds

As one of the newest trading types, 60 seconds trading enables traders to gain huge profits over a short period of time. Trade 60 seconds options and you’ll immediately know the result, whether you earn or get nothing. Like most binary options trade types, all it requires is an accurate prediction of an asset’s movement.

How it works
As its name says, 60 seconds options are binary options that end in as short as 1 minute. Traders can then instantly cash in on their trades that end in-the-money. To trade 60 seconds options, all you have to do is to predict whether an asset would reach a strike price, or depreciate and go below a specified value.
In just one minute, you can readily see the results. Compared with Forex, 60 seconds trading is like day trading. To succeed in this trade type, you’ll need to use the necessary tools such as the MetaTrader chart. This chart allows you to quickly adapt to the quick changes in the market’s trends. With an expiry time of just one minute, it’s relatively hard to monitor the asset’s movement. This chart keeps you updated with the emerging trends and helps keep your losses to a minimum.

What’s in it for you?
The beauty of 60 seconds trading lies on the fact that it allows you to earn huge profits in just a minute. When you trade 60 seconds options, you can earn profits faster than any other trade type there is. Even though this type possesses higher risks compared to others, you can definitely benefit from it by using a well-thought-of strategy.

Another plus for 60 seconds trading is its accessibility. You can trade 60 seconds options with as low as $/€/£5. This trading type is most suitable for strongly trending markets. Moreover, 60 seconds trading allows you to start with fairly low increments and gradually increase your exposure without going all out on a single card.